• We have developed an ideal conditions for investors
  • Become the last hope for the universe in the all-new Star Gazer
  • Mobile application

    For most users of our platform, it is preferable to interact with your personal account directly through your mobile device. Especially for this audience, we have developed mobile applications that have unrivaled adaptability and a very fast response.

    It is enough to download the application, establish reliable protection measures against hackers in the form of SMS authentication and your investment portfolio will be in your pocket and more than no one will not be able to crack your account.


  • A little bit about our activities and goals.

    Our company is developing new VR and AR technologies and software for a new type of advertising with augmented reality. In 2019, we created a unique augmented reality mobile application development environment and now our company can release up to 20 new high-tech products per year, which occupy the AR development market by 8%. Now we are actively working on updating our products and are also working on creating a completely new development environment for VR applications, which will provide programmers around the world with an indispensable blockchain chain for copyright protection.

Strategic development

Each platform investor can fully plan the monetization of their investments, whether it is a digital or fiat currency.

Development of VR and AR

First of all, by investing in our company you help the whole world take a huge step towards meeting the future.

Marketing and PR

We have developed an ideal company development strategy that will help us to artificially increase the value of the VRC token before it is listed.

  • Application of AR technologies in digital advertising

    Today, augmented reality technologies are in great demand among marketing companies around the world. We invest our time and money in developing new and improving old technologies. Thanks to this, in 2019, we earned $62,000,000 by selling our developments to individuals. We have created an investment platform that uses its own VRC currency to allow millions of private investors to increase their capital.

  • Using VR in games and apps

    A huge part of the market is occupied by companies that develop games and applications using virtual and augmented reality. For some, you need special vr glasses, and for others, a smartphone with a camera is enough, and you will enjoy the virtual world from your pocket. It is not surprising that in the last 3 years alone, revenue from the sale of licensed games and applications with VR and AR technology has reached $ 24 billion. We are actively developing new technologies that will help developers from all over the world implement VR and AR technologies in their products.


STANDART 5% 2% 1%

Everyone can earn money on the partner program without having a Deposit. You are provided with an affiliate program of three levels. You will receive 5% of your first-level referrals 'deposits, 2% for second-level referrals' deposits, and 1% for third-level referrals..


VIP 8% 3% 2%

Each partner with a Deposit of at least $ 2500 receives a VIP status that increases your referral accruals. You will receive 8% of your first-level referrals 'deposits, 3% for second-level referrals' deposits, and 2% for third-level referrals.

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